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Take me out to the Ball Game

Take me out to the Ball Game

Take me out to the Ball Game
June 02, 2018 | Tides game

Everyone loves a great baseball game.  It is America’s favorite summer past time.  The smell of hot dogs in the air, the players warming up on the field, and children running around looking to get a glance at their favorite ball player.  This is the image that first comes to mind for most of us and that was exactly what Endurance IT Services had in mind when they held their annual “Family Day Event” at Harbor Park for all the employees and their families.

The “Family Day Event” started at 6 p.m. on June 2nd.  Even though a massive thunderstorm looked like the game was going to be a wash, the co-workers and families certainly created an atmosphere of excitement and gratitude towards the Endurance IT Services leadership team.  The leadership team (Blake White, James Ashmore, Mike Alexander & Liz Ilagan) held the “pre-game” underneath the Party Deck at Harbor Park. 

The food was flowing and so were the drinks.  Looking around you could see why the employees have chosen to work at Endurance IT Services.  Not only does the company provide excellent support to their clients (all their awards speak for themselves) but they truly do care about each employee.  It is no surprise that one of their values is to be fanatical about staff retention and to invest in their people.

Just in case anyone was wondering, the Tides won that night against Rochester (7-3). 

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