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Military Mobility Benefit 2020 A Big Success

Military Mobility Benefit 2020 A Big Success

Military Mobility Benefit 2020 A Big Success
January 30, 2020 |

A proud sponsor of Military Mobility, Endurance IT held MILITARY MOBILITY BENEFIT 2020 on Saturday, January 25th from 1-5PM EST at the New River Taphouse in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Using the event hashtag #PartyWithAPurpose, the well-attended benefit featured a silent auction, raffle prizes, and live music for friends of Endurance IT, and Military Mobility from around the Hampton Roads community. All funds that were raised go to support Military Mobility, a 501c3 that offers week-long programs designed to challenge military veterans with activities like strategic off-road driving, rappelling, hiking, teamwork, technical skills and more. Soldiers returning from combat often face intense PTSD and even physical injuries that, to them, feel insurmountable and hinder their integration back into society following active duty military service. Military Mobility serves to help veterans regain mobility in their lives in the back country of Utah’s remote Moab desert, away from the conditions of war. Staffed by veterans from every branch of the armed services who provide physical and emotional support to participants, Military Mobility is committed to helping veterans become an inspiration to others instead of becoming a statistic. The event was a big success and a very special thank you to everyone who attended and contributed in support of this very important veteran-owned non-profit. Learn more about Military Mobility and their mission to support veterans, here 

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