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Endurance IT COVID-19 Scholarship Winner

Endurance IT COVID-19 Scholarship Winner

Endurance IT COVID-19 Scholarship Winner
October 13, 2020 | Virginia Beach

We’re excited to announce the recipient of the 2020 Endurance IT COVID-19 Scholarship! While we had many excellent applicants, one stood out above the rest for her dedication and determination to overcome the very real challenges she faced in continuing her education as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Congratulations to Alexis Davis of Virginia Beach! She attends Christopher Newport University and has demonstrated a commitment to her education that has inspired us and serves as an example to others in the Hampton Roads community. Alexis wrote, “I worked days on end, until the coronavirus began to spread rapidly across the United States, wiping out jobs left and right. My paychecks were cut down significantly and I can barely afford to pay the only 2 bills I have. I was ecstatic to become the first person in my entire family to go to college and further my education, but it’s being cut short by the issue of being able to pay the thousands of dollars required to attend.” At Endurance IT, we are proud to support Alexis in her educational goals and are grateful to everyone who applied. We wish Alexis all the best in her continuing education!

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