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DFARS/NIST Lunch & Learn

DFARS/NIST Lunch & Learn

DFARS/NIST Lunch & Learn
October 24, 2016 |

On Monday, October 24, 2016, Endurance IT Services teamed up with Sera-Brynn to host our first Lunch and Learn at the City Club at Towne Center Virginia Beach. Todays kick off was the first of several we will be co-hosting throught the coming months.  Heather Engle, Vice President and co-founder of Sera-Brynn, our guest speaker, talked about the ever-growing concern with Cyber Security. 

Our various clients and guests enjoyed a buffet lunch while Heather spoke on ways to navigate through compliance obligations in DFARS/NIST.  A key point talked about was how significantly contractors and subcontracts of the DoD will be impacted and efficient ways to become compliant before the December 2017 deadline. The audience was urged NOT to wait, but start the steps now before it’s too late.

If you are familiar with Endurance IT Services, we love a good give away, and today was no different.  Two members of our audience took home a Go-Pro and a Fit-Bit.  What will the giveaway be at our next informative Lunch and Learn? If you missed out on today’s luncheon, please, join us for our next informative Lunch on November 14th at the City Club.


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