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Buddy BBall is a slam dunk!

Buddy BBall is a slam dunk!

December 12, 2014 |

Priceless smiles. The feeling of accomplishment. An hour of fun. A good workout.

Buddy BBall is a program founded by Blake and Mitzi White to provide children with special needs the opportunity to interact with a volunteer BUDDY, work on basketball skills and have fun!  Sunday mornings at Landstown Middle School, you can find the White family, volunteers and approximately 25 awesome kids ready to play and have fun!

Blake and Mitzi's oldest daughter, Jordyn was the inspiration behind the creation of Buddy BBall. Jordyn loves to bounce a basketball and Blake and Mitzi realized the potential emotional and physical benefits for other children with special needs. Once they kicked off their first season, the program has become so popular, they now offer 6 - 8 sessions a year. In addition to the children, the volunteers also reap emotional and physical benefits. Everyone leaves with a smile!


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