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Buddy B-Ball

Buddy B-Ball

Buddy B-Ball
February 15, 2016 |

Endurance IT Services is the PROUD and sole sponsor of a basketball camp for kids with special needs and disabilities, namely Buddy B-Ball. Blake White and his wife, Mitzi, started the camp 4 years ago to create a non-competitive basketball camp for disabled kids. They currently hold six sessions once or twice a year (Winter/Summer) and accommodate approximately 30 kids. Their oldest daughter, who has special needs, was their inspiration and is one of the participant players.

Sessions are held on Sundays from 12-1pm at Landstown Middle School in January and the first Sunday in February.

If you know families who have special need children, please feel free to make them aware that this exists. They have reached their max player participants for these series, but you could sign up for a future series!

The group is always looking for volunteers to help the kids have a fun experience! If you are interested in an hour of smiles and fun, please click here for the signup page. 

Buddy BBall Weeks 1-3

Buddy BBall Week 4 - Canceled Due to Weather

Buddy BBall Week 5

Buddy BBall Week 6


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