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The Next Generation Storage Solution for Migrating EMC Isilon NFS Users to the HPE Scality RING

"This document describes how to migrate NFS-based users from a traditional NAS infrastructure to an HPE density-optimized storage solution. All of the examples are based on migrating from an EMC Isilon device to an HPE-Scality density-optimized storage solution. With minor modifications, the same process can be used to migrate NAS data from any traditional NAS vendor to an HPE-Scality density-optimized storage solution...."

Managing Data at Petabyte Scale with Object Storage Best Practices Guide

"IT must be able to efficiently store and access the right data instantly. But traditional file and block storage architectures are being challenged by today’s explosive growth of data. New data sources like social media, the Internet of Things, mobile apps, etc. have existing storage networks bursting at the seams. As data volumes grow, so does the complexity and cost of storing and managing that data.

In today’s Idea Economy...."


"DCIG is pleased to present this fresh snapshot of the dynamic all-flash array (AFA) marketplace. This marketplace is dynamic both in terms of product evolution and in the rate of all-flash array adoption. Many businesses are realizing that the time has come to run all of their application workloads on flash. The DCIG 2015-16 All-Flash Array Buyer’s Guide will help those businesses accelerate the all-flash array selection process...."


Exploring How HP Delivers Data Protection for Modern Infrastructures

"Business transformation—altering how “business gets done” in reaction to marketplace shifts—drives IT modernization. In turn, IT modernization forces modernization in data protection approaches and solutions..."


Five Key Considerations to Ensure Data Recovery

"Businesses modernize IT production because it enables them to be more productive. But often, as they go about modernizing their production environment, they are forced to recognize that they are using inadequate approaches to protect the data in it..."


Flash Array Storage: Best Practices, Tips, and Advice from Real Users

"The world of storage is being transformed by the maturing of flash arrays, an approach to storage that uses multiple, solid state flash memory drives instead of spinning hard disk drives. An all-flash array performs the same functions as traditional spinning disks but in a fraction of the time required and in more compact form factors. Given its superior performance in certain contexts, all-flash arrays are experiencing strong industry adoption. However, best practices and a true understanding of key success factors for all- flash storage are still emerging. This paper is intended to educate you on best practices based on real user experience drawn from We ofer all-flash user advice in selecting and building the business case for a flash array storage solution...."


Journey to the SDDC

"Virtualization, cloud computing, Big Data, and mobility offer significant business benefits, but these initiatives are pushing data centers to their limits. With a business future increasingly challenging, HPE recommends that enterprises begin the transformation to a softwaredefined data center (SDDC). By doing so, enterprises will be able to narrow the gap between IT and their growing business needs..."


Optimizing Oracle with HP Solid-State Storage

"Many applications deemed mission-critical are transaction-processing applications, utlilizing underlying database technology. Organizations with these applications are spending a sginificant portion of their annual IT budget on database-licensing fees and any database efficiency improvements have both productivity and financial benefits. Moreover, there is a significant need to improve both the performance and effeciency of database applications in order to meet increasing workloads and potentially lower costs..."



"Small businesses continue to hear “Take It to the Cloud” over and over yet rarely do people stop to explain the concept, advantages, disadvantages and risks. I hope this article helps small business owners determine if “The Cloud” is something that provides a strategic advantage or adds more risk..."


Software-Defined Storage: A Fundamental Shift in How Storage Is Delivered and Used

"The commoditization of hardware platforms — and the relatively slower time to market for (and higher development costs associated with) storage products based on custom hardware components — has compelled suppliers to shift the focus of their innovation to delivering their value proposition via software-defined solutions. This change initially started in the computing domain and is now sweeping the storage and networking domain. The era of the software-defined datacenter has a profound impact on how storage platforms are classified — and more importantly how this classification alters the landscape, creating a new breed of software-defined storage (SDS) platforms..."

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