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HPE Transformation

HPE Transformation

A Proactive Adopter's Guide to Harnessing New Technologies

"SMBs that successfully harness the power of IT today position themselves to grow into the nusiness they dream of tomorrow. Here's what they can learn from proactive adopters and how they're harnessing four key technologies that are shaping today's business world: security, mobility, big data, and cloud..."


HPE Composable Infrastructure

"CIOs and line-of-business executives are at the forefront of a major transformation aimed at leveraging the competitive advantages of the new hyper-connected enterprise. Industry research firm IDC describes the new IT for mobile devices, cloud services, social networks, and big data analytics as the third platform”.† 1 At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we call this evolution to the third platform the “Idea Economy” because it gives IT the ability to drive new business opportunities by quickly delivering revenue-generating products, services, and experiences. Instead of just providing technology to automate internal business processes, IT can now directly impact business strategy and revenues by creating software-based services that: Energize growth, Strengthen profitability, Boost productivity, Enhance innovation, Increase organizational agility, Improve the customer experience, Reduce risk..."


HPE Synergy marks first ‘composable infrastructure’ products for new Enterprise division

"Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), which has been running as an independent entity since November 1, has launched the first of a new class of modular systems products it’s billing as ‘composable infrastructure.’ HPE Synergy, aimed at enterprises and second tier cloud service providers, is intended to bridge the gap between traditional IT and newer approaches, such as private cloud, cloud-native and big-data applications. It does this by assembling the modular hardware resources into dynamic resource pools of compute, storage and fabric. And to manage it all, HPE has added a ‘software-defined intelligence’ layer based on its OneView converged infrastructure management tool and unified API, first introduced in 2013 and already used on its current ConvergedSystems. Synergy is due to become available in Q2 2016..."

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