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Open Server Technician (Long Term Staffing/Option to Hire -  Onsite)

Open Server Technician (Long Term Staffing/Option to Hire - Onsite)

Open Server Technician (Long Term Staffing/Option to Hire - Onsite)

Server Technician 

Position Requirements:

Requires a degree in information technology. Manage Servers and LAN and WAN networks. Server technicians need to keep themselves updated with the technology so that they can keep servers up and running, according to the continuously changing technological advancements.

Good analytic abilities and the capability of determining problems and troubleshooting them efficiently is critical. Exceptionally good at communicating with people from different walks of life and be an active team player.

Server Technician Duties & Responsible

  • Monitor and oversee various server infrastructure components and logs and ensure that they are in sync with protocols.
  • Handle network design, configuration, and deployment activities.
  • Respond to calls for support through email, on the phone, and in person, and provide suggestions to resolve issues.
  • Monitor servers to determine problems and limitations and provide required solutions.
  • Install necessary hardware, software, patches, and security updates to ensure servers stay compliant.
  • Server, desktop, laptop, printer, and wireless device troubleshooting and repair.
  • VOIP & Virtual PBX administration
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Disaster recovery administration
  • Technical documentation and record keeping
  • Schedule routine maintenance tasks on assigned servers, to ensure that downtime is eradicated.
  • Intervene in situations which require an immediate response such as internal/external virus, malware, and threat actor external threats.
  • Assist in a customer service role, by helping users understand and work with new technology.
  • Perform cabling and device patch paneling activities, ensuring that all devices and cables are safely secured.
  • Ascertain that all systems are kept updated, through operating system upgrades.
  • Oversee and monitor web performance, and network availability, and evaluate connectivity issues as and when they arise.
  • Monitor server cloud dashboards and check that processes are running correctly and check for errors.


  • Experience with configuring servers (physical & virtual), switches, and voip systems.
  • Ability to troubleshoot and resolve server (physical & virtual) & network issues.
  • Experience with Cisco networks, VMware software, Microsoft Server, Firewalls, MFA, Email, Scripting.
  • Experience with Microsoft Server 2019/2016/2012, Windows 11/10/7, and Microsoft Office 365 Productivity Products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS for Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive)
  • Experience with 2 & 3rd level helpdesk, remote support, and vpn technologies.
  • Experience with installing and configuring Disaster Recovery technologies.
  • Experience with virtualization and imaging technologies.
  • Great communication skills required for remote support and 2nd/3rd tier helpdesk support.
  • Able to obtain the CompTIA Security+ and VMware 7.x certifications within the 1st 18 months of hire date.

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