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Cisco Security Specialist

Cisco Security Specialist

Cisco Security Specialist – (Network/VoIP) Contract - Onsite

Maintain network connectivity by actively monitoring, identifying and troubleshooting network and security hardware. Replace monitoring hardware as required and maintain warranty replacements. Maintains software and configurations for network, security camera, visitor management and physical security access.  Monitors  Voice over IP (VoIP), security camera and systems. Ensures backups for all network configurations.


  • Assists in the installation, upgrade and configuration of multiple instances of the vendor applications for training, development, testing and production on multiple devices;
  • Analyzes and resolves problems related to local or wide area network hardware, software, and infrastructure; assists in developing network design strategies;
  • Assists in analyzing and implementing system-wide data communications network services;
  • Assists in the maintenance and configuration of IDF’s & MDF’s network space, patch panels, port connections, Cat5/6 cabling, cameras, DVR’s, security servers and other equipment through the use of software and diagnostic equipment; utilizes analytical skills to interpret policies and procedures;
  • Maintains hardware for security cameras, security servers and video storage, DVR’s and video storage, physical access control devices.
  • Monitors and analyzes WAN traffic to all sites and recommends any necessary changes;
  • Maintains TCP/IP standards and network diagnostic tools; recommends and helps maintain documentation on the infrastructure standards;
  • Monitors and responds to trouble tickets in a timely manner; Works as technical liaison to vendors to solve problems;
  • Assists in ensuring that our system’s data communications network and data are protected from unauthorized access and performs regular vulnerability audits.


  • Knowledge of wide area network topologies and communication options
  • knowledge of data communication topologies, protocols and standards and a working knowledge of local area networks (LAN), Microsoft Server 2008R2/2012;
  • Working knowledge of CISCO switching, and voice systems.
  • Ability to read and understand maintenance manuals and work from sketches, drawings and diagrams
  • Ability to diagnose and solve complex communications, physical connections, software and server problems
  • Ability to prepare clear, concise and thorough documentation


  • Three years or more experience working on a Wide Area Network and at least one year of experience working with visitor management systems, security camera software, IP and coaxial camera systems and physical security access controls.
  • Preferred : Experience installing and maintaining CISCO hardware and the configuration of Cisco switches and routers.
  • Required Certifications: A+, Network+ and Security+

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