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Azure Cloud Engineer

Azure Cloud Engineer

Azure Cloud Engineer

We’re looking for an Azure Cloud Engineer on the Southside area of Hampton Roads, with a minimum of 10+ years of total hands-on experience with diverse network environments. This opportunity is for a full-time opening on our project engineering team. The engineer will be splitting their time across multiple clients and projects on a weekly basis. Candidates must possess  strong technical support skills as well as exceptional customer relationship expertise.

  • Expert in Microsoft Azure provisioning and sizing of servers, storage, network, and firewalls .
  • Expert in Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Group Policies and deployment and management of endpoints.
  • Expert Microsoft Active Directory system administration experience
  • Expert Microsoft Windows Server file/directory permission administration experience
  • Expert Microsoft Windows Server installation, configuration and troubleshooting. (DNS, DHCP, AD, etc.)
  • Experience in configuration and management of Multi-factor Authentication products
  • Expert experience in various hyper visor environments to include VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix, etc.
  • Proven network switch installation, configuration and troubleshooting. (Ubiquiti, SonicWall, Cisco, etc.)
  • Proven firewall switch installation, configuration and troubleshooting. (Ubiquiti, Aruba, Cisco, etc.)
  • Proven network WIFI installation, configuration and troubleshooting. (Ubiquiti, Cisco, Aruba, etc.)
  • Ability to assess and formally document client environment is a must for this position
  • Proven cloud backup and disaster recovery setup, configuration and troubleshooting experience utilizing onsite D2D appliances, cloud, etc.
  • Expert experience single server VMware ESX server installation, configuration and troubleshooting  



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